About Euro Lotto and How to Play It

Euro lotto was introduced by Camelot in 2004 February 7 and the first draw was held on Friday February 13, 2004. Jackpot is also rolled over every week till it wins and give rise to some significant winnings. First jackpot had won after rolling over 11 times on 3rd February 2006 and the prize was £125,194,303.

Euro lotto occurs every Friday and pools the sakes of 9 participating European countries that offer substantial Euro lottery jackpots. Nine countries currently involved in the Euro lotto are Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium and Ireland.

Euro lotto is very simple to play. Play slips have various parts, each of which includes two numbered boards. The major board features numbers between 1-50 and the second ‘lucky stars’ panel features numbers 1-9. You need to choose 5 numbers on the main board and 2 numbers on the lucky star board and mark the selections on the slip.

If you prefer your numbers to be picked out at random manner, then you can do this method by marking the lucky dip option. Euro Lotto play slips have 4 sets of number boxes called ‘boards’. Each box costs from £1.50 to €2.00.

Players can use another board if they want to select another set of lotto numbers. Each pay slip will feature a part called ‘No. of weeks’. This lets players use the same set of numbers for around 4 weeks, beginning with the next selected draw.

Check with the lotto numbers you choose, the weeks you want to play, featured number of weeks and the dates of draws. Clear up that the bar-coded serial number is readable and ‘void box’ on the ticket is not marked. Ticket should be kept safely as it is the only proof to checking off the numbers, and claiming the prizes of lotto jackpot.

You need to collect the prize from where you have purchased the tickets. Means, if you buy the tickets from France, you can collect the winnings in France only. This rule is applicable only n case of offline tickets. Online tickets can be claimed anywhere irrespective of purchase place. There are many ways to win the lotto game.

To gain the jackpot you need to get all 5 main numbers and 2 lucky star numbers. 2nd prize must match 5 main numbers and one lucky star, 3rd is 5 main numbers and no lucky stars. You need to match 4 main numbers and both lucky star numbers to win fourth prize, fifth prize is 4 main numbers and one lucky star. Euro lotto can be played online and offline. Ensure the authenticity of casino before start to play. Play your luck to win bucks!